“If an institution’s stated strategy is to promote the use of educational technology, that institution must establish an adequate support framework for faculty to use technology successfully.”

Faculty Adoption of Educational Technology by F.Z. Moser

Do it the ‘eesy way’

EesySoft provides 2 straightforward solutions:

1) Technology Adoption Reports – Detailed insight in the activity level and use of key functionality within your learning environment;

2) In-context Communication -Allowing you to take action and effectively communicate with individual and groups of users during their actual application usage.

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Our solutions


Interested? Start a free trial or request a demo.

Via our free trial offering we give your organization the opportunity to try out the full functionality of our building block for Blackboard Learn.

You can choose to take a trial for EesyReports or EesyMessaging, but to get the best experience we advice to go for both modules.

We provide our solution as a Cloud Service. Meaning you only have to install the building block and we take care of the rest. Installation of the building block takes on average about 5 minutes.



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