Griffith University

Griffith University is a public research University based in Queensland, Australia. The university has been an EesySoft customer since 2014, subscribing to all three modules that we offer.

Leigh Stevenson is the Manager of the Learning & Teaching (L&T) Systems department at Griffith University. As manager, his responsibilities include providing the university community with effective systems, services, and support to assist Griffith to achieve its L&T related goals

A need for improvement

Like many other universities, Griffith needed a cost effective and easy way to measure uptake of the various tools and features that are available in their LMS (Blackboard). Support staff and advisors needed this information in order to prioritise the training offered to teachers to help improve and increase their use of appropriate technology. Also, decreasing the amount of support requests that the help desk receives was also very important to Leigh’s team. They wanted to do this by improving their ability to proactively connect users to the support material but lacked the tools to do so.

Gaining the necessary tools

With the tools that EesyReports provide, Leigh and his team are able to offer a “self-service” reporting capability which allows appropriate users such as “Blended Learning Advisors”, Educational Designers and other support & training staff to generate the reports they need in order to help them target their teacher training and workshop content to fill any identified gaps.

EesyMessaging gave the L&T Systems team the ability to set up proactive tips and support messages that are accessible from within their LMS. With EesyMessaging, the team could help users avoid running into problems that typically resulted in support calls.

The Result

“While the complexity and breadth of tools and the usage of these in the LMS have increased we the same number of support staff, and have been able to limit the increase of support calls by utilising proactive “Tier0” support messages.”

According to Leigh, both teachers and students have found the pro-active messages to be very useful. Leigh believes that without EesySoft, his team would likely see an increase in support requests since users would no longer receive proactive help messages before setting up a tool or running into a problem.

More to come

In the future, Leigh’s team wants to get the tools that the EesySupport module offers up and running as a priority. Leigh believes that the context-sensitive help it provides will be another great boost to their support service for the LMS.

“Overall it has been a very positive experience with EesySoft, the company is energetic and responsive, and we think the future of self-help material like this is a key part of scaling up the use of technology in L&T.”

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