Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein

Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein is a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. They offer regular higher vocational study programmes, master’s programmes, and postgraduate higher vocational training programmes and courses.

Elise Hebbink is a Functional Application Manager at Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein and helps teachers to improve their education with the use of digital resources.

Is Blackboard being used effectively?

Last year, Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein started to question how much Blackboard and its available functionalities were being used within their institution. Were they making a return on their investment? Is Blackboard an added value for education? They specifically wanted to get a clear picture of how faculties were using the LMS since they sensed the adoption level was low.

Getting relevant information with EesyReports

Elise found EesyReports to be very useful since she was able to create and manage her own reports. Having the ability to filter through all the data allowed her and her team to find the most relevant information on instructor and student usage in Blackboard. Since the Reports don’t have to be course dependent, Elise and her team could also look at Blackboard usage by department. With that data they were able to compare the differences between departments, giving them a more overall view on how their LMS was being used.

Insight gained

“It was really great to see the results, we did sense it was happening but with EesySoft it all became a lot clearer.”

According to Elise, Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein gained a lot from EesySoft. They were able to get information with great statistics on how Blackboard was really being used and found that their presumptions were accurate in that only 10% of the functionality was being used by faculty.

Unfortunately, Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein is unsure of which LMS they will be using this upcoming year and is no longer an EesyReports customer.

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