Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University is a public university located in the United Kingdom. They have been an EesyReports customer since late 2015.

Hayley Whitefoot is a Learning Systems Adviser and part of the Learning Systems Team at Leeds Beckett University. This support team helps users get the most out of Blackboard. They work on projects that aim to enhance student experience and improve student satisfaction.

Filling in the gaps

Back in 2015, Leeds Beckett University was faced with needing to improve their data collection. They needed a third party system that was directly related to their Blackboard platform at a cost that they felt was commensurate with the functionality it would provide while also meeting their requirements. Since they felt that they weren’t getting a high enough level of granularity with their data, they needed something that would allow them to customize the data more specific to their institution. As most universities, Leeds Beckett is also moving towards an increase of distance and blended learning, which means a need for a larger online presence and an increase in the adoption of Blackboard.

Owning your instant and more granular data

“EesyReports gives us automatic, granular access to our platform data at a reasonable cost to our institution, where other more integrated systems were of an unacceptable high cost per return.”

Since every course is automatically monitored, and the data is constantly collected and not time limited, Hayley and her team have gained new insights into their LMS. They now also have the ability to customize their reports and access more granular data by, for example, monitoring specific buttons across their LMS (including the Turnitin ‘Submit’ button).

“With EesyReports, you have total control of what you’re monitoring across the whole of Blackboard.”

Hayley and her team use their data hand-in-hand with the student engagement data that Blackboard reports, Google Analytics and other University systems provide, to give them a much better overview of learning analytics at their institution.

“EesyReports enables us to monitor student engagement in a way that we haven’t been able to before.”

The Result

After their first year with EesyReports, Leeds Beckett is now more confident in rolling out the data and the functionality to the benefit of their staff, students and ultimately their institution.  Hayley and her team have received positive feedback from academics, who are keen to start using EesyReports. They intend to use EesyReports to help them make interventions for struggling students, to ultimately increase student retention and progression.


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