San Diego State University

San Diego State University is an American public research university that has been an EesySoft customer since 2016. By using all three modules they are able to improve training and drive adoption while supporting end users.

Linda Woods works in Instructional Technology Services Faculty Support as an Instructional Designer at San Diego State University.  She assists faculty with pedagogical design and the use of Blackboard.

Goals and Challenges

Instructional Designers are always looking for ways to improve training and support. San Diego State University wanted to improve the effectiveness of their support process. There were several things Linda and her team needed in order to accomplish their goals. They needed a detailed understanding of how their LMS was being used, a simple way to measure the effectiveness of their training, and a better way to reach out to their end-users.

Gaining Focus

“Before EesyReports, we had absolutely no idea who was using what in Blackboard and to what extent.”

EesyReports allows Linda and her team to have a clear picture of how Blackboard is being used. One of the biggest surprises for SDSU was discovering that certain tools they never thought to focus on, were being used heavily. In contrast, they discovered that tools they were training people for, were not. The support team now uses their resources on the relevant tools and are thereby, better prepared to support users.

Peer Support

“Faculty listen to faculty more than they listen to instructional designers or technical support.”

Linda would always hear about who was having problems but never who was doing well. EesyReports allows you to find your champions. You can find out who is using a specific tool the most and if they are using it well. Linda and her team are now able to see which instructors are the best to collaborate with in order to go one step further to support their end-users.

In the right place at the right time

“I was really excited about the opportunity to insert messages at the place where people needed help, in the right place at the right time.”

With EesyMessaging and EesySupport, Linda and her team are able to support users from within Blackboard. They can promote new functionality and pro-actively inform users about FAQs. In combination with EesyReports, Linda can measure the effectiveness of their messages which allows them to improve their training if necessary.

Moving forward with EesySoft

“In the long-term, I would like to have proof that Blackboard has value.”

After improving support, Linda and her team want to use EesySoft to do just that. With EesyReports she will take a deeper look at how Blackboard is being used by instructors and students.

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