EesyMessaging Update 5 August, 2016


  1. Contact the Expert V2
  2. Fixes

1.    Contact the Expert V2

In this release we offer an improved version of the Contact the Expert feature. This version features a fully dynamic form that offers options relevant to the user’s role and presents content fields that are related to the specific question the user has.

CTE v2

The resulting support ticket contains relevant information about the user: their user ID, name, contact details, course they were in when they sent the message, the page they were on and system information (operating system and browser).

Support tickets can be dynamically routed to a specific person or department based on the user’s role and question. Please contact if you would like to have this routing feature configured for your institution.

2.    Fixes

  • Handling of Blackboard versions for content has been updated to match Blackboard’s new scheme

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