EesyReports Update 28 April, 2017

Course Activity Reports Enhancements Part 1


1. Extended Overview of Courses

A ‘Tools’ field has been added to the Course search. In this field, you are able to add segments of the Tool Adoption tree. These will appear as columns in the search results, allowing you to immediately see what the participation percentages are within each Tool category before entering the Course Report. When these percentages change, the background color will change accordingly.

Red: Activity is below average
Orange: Activity is average
Green: Activity is above average

These colors will clearly show you which courses need more attention. You will also be able to sort your search results by the different columns.

2. Filter options

Currently, in the Course Activity Reports, the Tool Adoption area only shows the student data regardless of your Reporting Template choice. The data will now adjust to the chosen Reporting Template which includes the custom made templates. You will now be able to choose an instructor as a user as well.

The Activity Overview will change accordingly. When selecting an Instructor, the Activity Overview will show the activity of Instructors in that course.

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