Technology Adoption Reports

Our adoption reports provide your organization with detailed understanding on how your application is being used by each and every user.

Suzan Harkness, director of the Center for Academic Technology (CAT) at the University of the District of Columbia:

“Faculty are not sheep. They are a highly diverse group, ill suited to one-size-fits-all instruction. Not surprisingly, IT training programs that assume faculty are all at the same skill level tend to fail. Miserably. Before you can help faculty members with their IT needs, you first have to understand what those needs are. And that takes constant evaluation and measuring.”

Measure and analyze adoption level

EesyReports helps you to get insight in the activity level and use of key functionality of both your faculty and students.

Create and save your own reports

Via our online reporting environment you can create and save your own adoption reports.

You decide what to monitor

Via our Content Management System (EesyProducer) you can define where you would like to add monitors in your application and/or you can use one of the templates we have created.

Campaign reports

Campaigns allow you to measure the impact of your training by comparing Blackboard usage of the participants before and after the training event.

Below you see an example of a campaign report showing the impact of different “events” to promote the use of Rubrics. The result is that adoption grew from 10% in Jan 2015 to 100% in May 2016.

Campaign Report

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