EesyReports Update 17 June, 2016


  1. Reporting style and presentation
  2. Graph Type selector
  3. Date selector in Tool Adoption Report
  4. Create dynamic or static filter
  5. Fixes





1.    Reporting style and presentation


More graph colors

To improve the readability of the reports more colors have been added to the graphs. Graph lines can now be rendered in 15 different colors instead of 6. This allows more tool segments to be displayed simultaneously.

Graph descriptions

A dynamic description has been added to the tool adoption report. This helps to clarify how the graph should be interpreted.

graph colors

2.    Graph Type selector

The tool adoption report now includes a Graph Type selector, which switches between Trend Line and Cumulative presentation.

graph type

trend line

The Trend Line reflects how the usage of a selected tool segment changes over time.


The Cumulative graph displays how the usage of the selected tool segment grows.


3.    Date selector in Tool Adoption Report

It is now possible to select a specific time period (e.g. the previous year, Spring semester) in the Tool Adoption report.


By selecting a start date and end date reports can be scaled to any desired span of time.

date 1date 2 date 3

With the date picker it is easy to navigate to a specific date by toggling through days, months or years. By default the time period is set to the last three months.

4.    Create dynamic or static filter

Filters can now be created from the Tool Adoption report based on a relative time period or a fixed time period. Filters can be used to target pro-active or on-demand help to specific groups of users using the EesyProducer.

Make sure the end date of a report (see previous section) is set to the current date.

filter date

Click on the arrows icon next to a tool segment and a dropdown menu appears. Select Create filter.


Select Active or Non-active in combination with either the relative time period (last 92 days) or the fixed time period (between 17-03-2016 and 17-06-2016). A filter based on a relative time period will be dynamic (i.e. the users covered by the filter will change over time). A filter with a fixed time period will be static (will always refer to the same group of users).


Define the name of this filter and click on the Save button.

5.    Fixes

  • More levels of indentation in Tool Adoption tree.
  • In some instances selecting an event in the Event Overview caused a duplicate line to appear. This has been fixed.
  • Tool adoption totals now consistently update when filtering by role or period.
  • In a few instances the selected tool segment would not be displayed properly in the graph. This has been fixed.
  • Course search in Course Activity report is now compatible with Internet Explorer 11

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