Information About Free 30-Day Trial

Interested to see what EesySoft can do for you on your own Blackboard system? We offer every Blackboard customer a free 30-day trial of our solution.

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What is the objective?
Via our free trial offering we give your institution the opportunity to try out the full functionality of our building block for Blackboard Learn. You can choose to take a trial for EesyReports or EesyMessaging, but to get the best experience we advise to go for both modules.

‘Eesy’ 5 step process
Our consultant will guide you through the trial in a 5 step process:

Step 1: Installation of the building block.

Step 2: Our technical support team will check if the installation was successful.

Step 3: Your EesySoft Consultant will organize a short “Trial Prep Meeting” (+/- 30 min). During this session will discuss your desired outcomes of the trial period and define action points.

Step 4: The Consultant will send you a summary incl. action plan divided by week.
One of the action items will be an online demonstration to show how your institution can use EesyProducer (content management system).

Step 5: Evaluation session

Installation building block
We provide our solution as a Cloud Service. Meaning you only have to install the building block and we take care of the rest. Installation of the building block takes on about 5 minutes.
We advise the following:

  • EesyMessaging: Install the building block on your test/staging server. This way you can test the pro-active messages and context-sensitive help without disturbing users in the live environment.
  • EesyReports: Install the building block on the live environment. This way you collect real-time user activity data that can be used to create adoption reports. EesyReports will not be visible for the end- users.

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