New Support Center Provides Powerful & Intuitive Help for LMS Users

EesySupport – one of three modules within EesySoft’s Smart Application Support system – now includes powerful new features to improve communication with and existing support tools for LMS users. The Support Center utilizes a more intuitive and conversational interface for students and faculty to find the help they need within their school’s LMS.

If the user cannot find the answer within the newly designed self-service dashboard, there is now an option to contact the helpdesk via phone in addition to email. Support tickets will then be dynamically routed to the appropriate support representative. The ticket will include the user’s profile information as well as contextual and system information thus cutting down on time-to-resolution. This increased efficiency is key especially during the beginning of the school year when helpdesks are the busiest.

Watch this short YouTube video to learn more about the new Support Center.

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