Monitor user activity and drive adoption

Understanding what users are doing in your application(s) plays a critical role in its successful deployment and effective use. Establishing an adequate support framework for users will boost their confidence in your application and can increase their usage.

Our Solutions

By monitoring and analyzing user interactions within your application(s), EesyReports is able to provide your institution with a better understanding on how your application is being used by each and every user.

EesyMessaging allows your team to communicate with individual and groups of users during their actual application usage proactively addressing problems, promoting functionality or reinforcing key capabilities.

Use EesySupport to facilitate helpful information to all users from within the application at all times. Fully support your team and users while reducing your costs by simplifying the inquiry process.


EesySoft is always willing to partner with Learning Management Systems and to integrate with new third-party products. We currently are a Blackboard partner, a Canvas by Instructure partner, and have a full integration with Kaltura.

If you wish to suggest any new integrations or compatibility, please contact us at

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