UTEP Drives Blackboard Retention Center Use with EesySoft

The University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) wanted to use Blackboard’s Retention Center to reach students who were struggling in classes, but they had to figure out a way to reach faculty to use it first. With the help of EesySoft’s messaging and campaigns features, they were able to do just that. To learn how they did it, click the link below to watch therecorded session from BbWorld17LIVE presented by Dr. Cigdem Sirin and Cyndi Castro:

Blackboard Retention Center: Educators’ tool for identifying and motivating at-risk students

If you want to hear about their use of EesySoft specifically, it starts at 14:50. Cyndi Castro explains how they created campaigns to encourage faculty use of Blackboard’s Retention Center. They address EesySoft again at the end of the video (26:00).

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